Traceability & Sustainability



At SeaHorse, complete traceability also
implies that a consumer unit of fresh
seafood at a restaurant or retailer can
be traced throughout the supply chain
by to its point of harvest by a vessel.
This is important for food safety,
ensuring the legality of the product and
for verifying sustainability. We achieve
this through rigorous documentation
and record keeping along with proper
handling of protocols during sourcing,
processing, shipping and receiving, to
ensure that products can be tracked
accurately and on demand.

The guidelines also apply to all levels
of the product hierarchy, which may
include shipping logistics unit
information, lots, pallets, cases,
consumer items with data elements
etc, which is relevant to all distribution
channel participants, including farms,
vessels, processors, suppliers,
exporters, distributors, retailers and
food service operators.


We at SeaHorse believe in taking the necessary stepsto ensure meeting the needs of the present without jeopardizing the future generations of their own needs.

At SeaHorse, the sourcing is done with strict adherence to Article 24 from Federal Law No. 23 of year 1999. Every single product is chosen and packaged as per the size regulation norms. We also help in creating awareness about the sustainability by using specially marked boxes to identify endangered species and information about legitimate practices involved in sourcing.SeaHorse is expecting to be a MSC ( Marine Stewardship Council) certified provider in the nearfuture.

The harvest of wild stocks of fish from the ocean or from the tidewater areas is managed based on stringent standards set by the government as well as by ourselves.

We have established different work protocols to protect the ecological structure and func-tion, locate control sites for scientific research studies, conserve bottom habitat, protect vulnerable stocks and preserve cultural resources.